Welcome to the Libresonic documentation. This guide describes installation process for Libresonic, a free, web-based media streamer, providing ubiquitous access to your music.

Before following any docs, be sure that your system is up-to-date!

Before installing Libresonic, you will have to install a working JDK. Follow this guide to install it.

Here you can pick your installation docs for:

If you come from Subsonic, you can migrate using our migration docs.

After installing, you may want to put Libresonic behind a reverse proxy to access Libresonic on the HTTP(S) ports or enable SSL. Use a proxy docs in the list below:

Using an external database for large music collection can only be useful, just follow our database docs to set it up.

Transcoders are used by Libresonic to convert media from their on disk format to a format that can be consumed by clients. Use our docs to set up the transcode binaries.